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Orland Jr. High PFE Information:


President: Sheila Moran

Secretary: Jen Phillips

Treasurer: Heather Castillo


The PFE is the parent/staff organization (think PTA) of Orland District 135 schools. It is a
parent volunteer organization that helps support individual schools, staff, students, and
families through fundraising and planned activities. We meet to plan fun and educational
experiences for our students, share ideas, and stay connected to our school community.

Get involved! There is a place for everyone who wants to be involved in their
students’ school - a little or a lot!! You can attend meetings, volunteer for activities,
volunteer for planning committees, help with fundraising, or help with donations for
events. Become a member, access on skyward. We will have several opportunities to
connect or volunteer throughout the year:
Picture days (Sept, Feb)
Halloween Dance (Oct)
Teacher/staff appreciation (Nov, Feb, & May)
Sweet treat sales (Dec)
Ice skating outing (Jan)
6th grade movie event (Mar)
7th/8th grade Spring Dance (Mar)

Our meetings will be at 1:30pm on the following dates:

9/15 In person with Zoom option
10/13 Zoom
11/17 Zoom
12/15 Zoom
1/19 In person with Zoom option
2/16 Zoom
3/16 Zoom
4/13 Zoom
5/18 In person with Zoom option

Like us on Facebook: Orland Park Junior High PFE